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Our Services:

Webzcribe believes in taking up Pay Per Click Marketing from the ground up. As every brand, every business is different, we offer customized PPC management services and targeting strategies. If you dream of increasing your revenue through website conversions, reach out to us.  We guarantee to deliver desired results within a week with services like:

  • PPC Landing Pages – Design and Development
  • E-Commerce PPC Management

A Brief Idea About PPC Landing Pages Services:

No business can ignore the need for a good professional landing page for their website. The main idea behind having a well-functioning  PPC and social media landing page is to guide site visitors to conduct a conversion action, whether to sign up for a service or purchase a product. Additionally, a well-crafted PPC landing page gives you the advantage of leading visitors directly to what they clicked for. There is no chance of stalling, as visitors do not have the patience to wait or diligently search for what they are looking for. They will love it if you have it already ready for in front of them. This is where PPC landing pages come into action. At Webzcribe, we can help you with Pay Per Click Advertising Services, leading your potential customers to a direct destination instead of leading them to the next level of your sales funnel.

Without a dedicated PPC landing page, your website is bound to experience a higher bounce rate, low conversion rates, and overall low PPC campaign performance. However, the most important question is how do experts at Webzcribe make a landing page exceptional? The best part about our experts is that they can create PPC landing pages that can work according to your business needs. Our Pay Per Click Advertising Services can be a powerful tool for online PPC ad campaigns. As we run intending to convert PPC visitors, we will use specific elements to contribute directly or indirectly to visitor conversion.

The Best PPC Landing pages:

We understand that a PPC landing page needs to be eye-catching. Besides, the page needs to SELL FROM THE FIRST PASS itself. Our expert AdWords campaign management services offer attractive PPC landing pages without compromising the elements that make them effective. Our experts use their expertise to make sure that the visitors can identify the details of the landing page within the first few seconds. The flow of our PPC landing page’s design is easy and intuitive. Apart from smooth designs, we present everything professionally to make a lasting impact on your visitors.

We create a PPC landing page with the following features:

  • Clear and Consistent Branding
  • A Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)
  • Clear Presentation of the Products and Services
  • Coherence in the Overall Design

Social media landing pages and PPC landing pages have different goals. While PPC Landing pages are designed to convert visitors into buyers, social media landing pages are designed to convert visitors into followers. When designing and developing social media Landing pages, we make sure to create them to be shareable on various online platforms. Our experts create relevant, interesting, and relatable content that is useful for your target audience. The main idea behind our services is to create a viral loop that directs traffic to your website.

A Brief Idea About E-Commerce PPC Management

If you have a live e-commerce site, get ready to reap the ripest fruits of our Google AdWords management services for e-commerce sites. We can drive high-qualified leads to your e-commerce site. Our ecommerce Pay Per Click marketing is hyper-targeted. This helps us to reach the right audience with minimal expenses, as opposed to traditional marketing campaigns. Here is why e-commerce PPC is cost-effective:

  • You pay only when someone clicks on your ads.
  • You can set your highest bid per keyword trigger.
  • For narrow or broad targeting, you can set the desired size of the target audience.
  • You do not need to search for an audience - the audience finds you automatically.

Features Of Our Ecommerce PPC Management Services

The most attractive feature of our Ecommerce pay per click advertising services is that we offer custom solutions tailored for your unique business and campaign budget needs. Every E-commerce PPC targeting option we leverage is flexible and fits well with businesses across various industries. Here are the top features of our Ecommerce PPC packages:

  • In-depth industry/market analysis
  • Advanced keyword search, selection, and ongoing fine-tuning
  • PPC campaign development and strategy
  • Ad copywriting and testing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google and Bing PPC Networks
  • Gmail competitor ads
  • Google and Bing shopping feed management
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Dynamic Remarketing
  • Google Text Ad and Banner remarketing campaigns
  • ROI Reporting
  • YouTube Video Ads
  • Google customer and audience match

Connect with us as we guarantee to deliver affordable Google AdWords campaign management services that match your needs, a committed management service, and transparent custom pricing.

Our PPC Process:

Whether your goal is to reach new audiences or increase conversion rates, our Google Ads management services pose the best way to put forward your brand, product, or message without huge expenses. At Webzcribe, our experts follow the below-mentioned process to ensure the delivery of your desired results:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Bid strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Creative design and copy-writing
  • Remarketing setup (if necessary)
  • Conversion tracking
  • Placement strategy
  • Daily improvements

Google AdWords/PPC, if done right, can skyrocket your revenues in no time. There is no doubt that it is one of the fastest and cost-effective ways to grow your business. Why is it affordable? Our Pay Per Click marketing is affordable as these ads only appear alongside relevant search results on your targeted search engine. Besides, it costs less per conversion, and you pay per click instead of paying per appearance. It is a go-to solution for speedy growth as you can increase traffic within the first week of your PPC campaign.

Benefits Of Our PPC Campaigns:

The best part about our Pay Per Click Advertising Services is that our targeting options can work wonders in the search network. As the PPC ads do not show up unless the target audience searches for the buying keywords and content keywords you targeted, you can rest assured that we will generate leads meant for direct conversion. Here are a few advantages of choosing our pay per click advertising services:

  • Customization: You can rest assured that every PPC strategy will fit well with your goals and targets. Our experts take every element of your business or strategy into consideration while designing a PPC campaign. Webzcribe offers a dedicated campaign manager to every project to deliver customized PPC campaign management strategies. Additionally, we will give you up-to-date advertising tools to help you leverage extensive ad networks and campaign insights.
  • Better Results: Our PPC management services cater to both the short-term and long-term goals of every business. We make sure that we bring an overall success, and not just success, to a single campaign. That is why increasing your revenue and success remains at the heart of every campaign we take up. Besides, as we conduct a market study, alongside analyzing our ongoing campaigns, we can give our expert feedback to help you make insightful decisions in the future alongside analyzing our ongoing campaigns.
  • Save Money & Time: Of course, you can have a team member manage your PPC campaigns, but you will lack professional guidance. Besides, a wrong step can cost you money and waste your valuable time. On the other hand, having a professional by your side automatically makes things easy. Our professionals can guarantee desired results without wasting your money or time. A successful PPC campaign needs patience, expertise, and resources, which a non-professional will not have. However, experts at Webzcribe are trained and armed with the necessary tools to manage your PPC campaigns. We not only look for results, but we also spot the weaknesses to eliminate them. As we are well-resourced, you cut down on the risk of wasting your time and money on fruitless results.

Connect With Us:

At Webzcribe, our experts go beyond just providing you with basic PPC management services.

  • As our intention for success is mutual, we offer necessary advertising tools, keyword research, market research, and analysis, along with acquiring competitor intelligence.
  • We do not stop here, we also help you with copywriting, campaign development, and monitoring and managing Google Ads rule-based bidding.
  • Rest assured that each PPC landing page we deliver is professional and customized solutions to fit your unique needs.
  • Our services are transparent and affordable - designed to save your valuable time and money.
  • Our packages include tools and services that can help you track your landing page’s performance and conversions over time.

So, what are you waiting for? Connect with Webzcribe for effective PPC services.

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