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Are you looking for marketing experts to take care of your website? Do you want web developers to improve the features of web pages? Then Webzcribe is your destination. We have in-house experts to activate and maintain your business website.

No matter if you own a large or small-scale business, you must maintain a website. No wonder digital presence is essential in today’s world. Maintaining an optimized website can help you give a tough fight to your competitors. Do you know how to maintain a business website? Do you know how to snatch the limelight from your rivals? You don’t have to worry if you are not familiar with marketing strategies. At Webzcribe, our experts will help you maintain your website in the best way.


Why Should You Maintain Your Business Website?

You must be wondering why you need to maintain a website when you have published it already! We would like to compare your website with a car to clear your doubts. Your responsibility doesn’t end but starts as soon as you buy a new car. Your car will require insurance, regular monitoring, and maintenance to stay active. If you do not maintain the vehicle, you won’t notice the damages, leakages; break, fails, scratches, and others. This will result in an unexpected hazard all of a sudden.

The same goes for a website. If you do not maintain it, you won’t notice reduced online traffic, old content, irrelevant graphic works, expired discounts, invalid offers on the website. Such careless occurrences may displease the flying visitors causing a declined traffic hampering the business growth. For this reason, you must not neglect your business website and hire Webzcribe for proper maintenance.

How Do We Maintain Your Website At Webzcribe?

Do you have any idea that how often you should delete the spam comments from posts? Weekly! Do you know how often you should renew the domain name? Annually! Well, the moment your website is developed at Webzcribe, we take over the basic and essential web maintenance jobs that you have never imagined. We have prepared a chart for you to understand the maintenance schedule. At Webzcribe, we offer all these services to maintain your website in the best way. Apart from these we also offer,

  • Advanced image editing
  • Advanced video editing
  • Custom website design
  • Website navigation maintenance
  • Advanced audio editing


Annual tasks

  • Website domain name renewal
  • Update the website design
  • Update the best performing article and blogs
  • Review the pages and ensure the accurate content

Quarterly tasks

  • Review the website thoroughly and point out the areas for betterment.
  • Update the graphic images
  • Update the webpage content
  • Update meta titles and descriptions
  • Ensure that the website is mobile-friendly with a nice presentation
  • Check the forms, popups, and call to action.
  • Go through the marketing campaigns and advertising
  • Monitor the recent backups.

Monthly tasks

  • Check the website loading speed.
  • Examine and analyze the security scans and statistics.
  • Test the local search visibility

Weekly tasks

  • Check if your website show 404 errors
  • Monitor the broken links
  • Update the website software and core plugins
  • Post and update more blogs to enhance SEO traffic.

Website Maintenance Is Crucial! Why?

Websites are the key to your website. Potential customers land on your website to check out your services. Experiencing a professional website impresses the visitors in the first place. But if you have a slow website with no updates, clients will switch to other businesses in no time. Let’s find out the reasons why website maintenance for WordPress is essential,

  • Customer Experience

 If you are a customer, would you prefer a website with a slow loading period?  Would you stay in web pages with broken links embedded in every line? Would you consider a website that sends spamming messages every 5 seconds? No, you won’t! But you will stay on a website with excellent navigation, top search engine rank, informative content, and others.

Customer experience is crucial when it comes to a business website. Customers always prefer an updated website with recent activities. You need to update regular blogs to glue the readers on your website. Do you know that more than 90% of the websites have fought on a customer experience basis in recent times? Apart from user experience, a well-maintained website drives you traffic by turning the visitors into paying customers.

  • Google Ranking And SEO

 Google ranking is perhaps the most important thing to consider while considering digital marketing. Regularly updated websites with optimized content always secure the top position. If you come to Webzcribe, our SEO experts will optimize the content, images, and links so that the website ranks in the zero position.

In a nutshell, Google observes and analyses the websites with Google bots, keyword optimization, site errors, the organization and structure of the website, and goes through the information to measure the value. No wonder if website crawlers visit your website and spot plagiarized pages, broken links, and poorly done redirects, the SEO rank will go downwards for sure. And if you have a poorly ranked website, potential customers will rarely find your website with common keywords. However, if you come to Webzcribe, we can help your website secure the top rank within a few weeks.

  • Business Reputation Drives Leads

 You can’t deny that customers always look for companies they can rely on. If you have proper digital exposure with a well-maintained website, clients are likely to invest in your services. Websites with broken links, dead pages, and outdated content serve as a customer repelled. The disordered and old-fashioned management will insecure your clients to a great extent.

Do you want to represent a fast-growing business? Then you need to keep your website updated. You can contact Webzcribe, and we will help you with outstanding marketing solutions with technical support. Our in-house web developers can produce fresh content, fix broken links, and redirect old pages. We can help you create a website that creates a good impression on the visitors in this way.

In the end, maintaining a website keeps your business on-trend, and you can’t deny it. Furthermore, frequent maintenance reduces the cost of developing a new website replacing the old one. You can trust our developers at Webzcribe. We know the right process to maintain your business website with SEO tricks and other technical backups.

What To Know About Website Maintenance Costs?

When it comes to the expenses of WordPress website maintenance, there are many factors that you need to consider. The edit, deletion, replacement, or addition of the following factors needs to be highlighted to calculate the final estimate of website maintenance cost.

  • Content
  • Images
  • Graphic works
  • Animations
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Forms
  • Navigational elements
  • Downloadable files
  • Webpages

At Webzcribe, our website maintenance package also offers support services.

Let’s find out the 5 common web maintenance costs that we consider at Webzcribe,

  • Updating Website Frameworks: For a fantastic performance, you must keep your website updated. At Webzcribe, our customers update your website in the best way. Our developers test the functionality of your website after finishing the update, schedule downtime for updates, and debug the source codes to rectify the errors. Don’t you have an IT consultant to help you out with suggestions? Please feel free to contact Webzcribe, where we are ready to help you with professional web maintenance services.
  • Content: SEO-friendly content is the soul of your website. Your visitors would like to go through the detailed description of your products and services. If you do not upload informative yet updated content, readers won’t find it interesting to stay on your website. At Webzcribe, we upload optimized content to glue the flying visitors to your website.
  • SEO: Without SEO, you can rank your website. Our dedicated SEO experts can optimize your website and rank it on the Google search engine. At Webzcribe, we come with a variety of SEO services.

Therefore, if you are looking for professional web developers to maintain your business website, please reach out to us. Our tech-savvy marketing experts will listen to your requirements before maintaining your website. After knowing your business goals, we give our best efforts to add international value to your brand through premium marketing strategies.

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